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As perhaps the final sign that the millennium is upon us -- if not our final days -- the website listing "unusual museums" has just passed the 50 member mark and is continuing to grow!

Today those who surf the web looking for the oddball and strange can go straight to and start a tour of museums including one that boasts of its exhibit of toilet paper, claiming that "no brand is too cheap or lowly to be captured and exhibited."

Once you start this link to you’re off on an adventure. These Unusual Museums are located in countries all around the world, and it would have been virtually impossible for the average person to visit them all in person. But with the power of the Internet the "Virtually Impossible" has become a "Virtual Reality." You can visit "Mrs. Mangles" site in Australia, which displays washing machine wringers from the past and from there it is just a click to the National Cigar Museum and its exhibit of cigar boxes.

The website is the brainchild of Herb Hornung, whose "Wooden Nickel Historical Museum" in San Antonio, Texas, boasts of the largest collection of Wooden Nickels in the world.

The "Toilet Seat Art Museum" has over 500 decorated Toilet Seats covering an assortment of subjects and the "Magic Lantern Museum" has a fantastic collection, tracing the history of magic lanterns from its early beginnings in the late 1600's to the modern day.

"See" a collection of "Promotional Pens" in Denmark, a "Glass Museum" in New Zealand and a collection of "Rum Bottle Labels" in the Czech Republic.

Some of the sites are, of course, more mainstream -- a serious student of technology can visit sites that capture the history of the development of typewriters, computers, and telephones, just to name a few.

And historians of health can visit the Virtual Museum of the Iron Lung, in the U.K., and see photographs, read biographies, and follow the trail of the iron lung through fiction and non-fiction publications. Then again there's always the "Banana Museum," with a compendium of Washington state's "wild and weird world of banana folk art, advertising, and popular culture."

For the movie buff, there's the Fantasy Hollywood Prop and Costume museum with unique items of movie and television productions that emphasizes sci-fi costumes, weapons, spaceships, makeup appliances pieces from such movies as "Alien Nation," "Battlestar Gallactia," "Robocop," and many others.

One site provides the history of the bread toaster. Another boasts the largest single collection of post marks in the world. And don't forget to visit the collections of "Sugar Packets" and "Needle Books."

And then there's the "Hillbilly Heaven Mountain Dew Collector's Site," with memorabilia of a soft drink that defines being hillbilly.

The civilized world is at your feet.

Did we say "civilized"? Log on to and decide for yourself just far civilization has come as we are about to begin another thousand years.


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